โ€œWhy, oh why, oh why?โ€

Gilbert O'Sullivan

We are a collective of educators, artists, entrepreneurs, and scientists who have come together to shape the future of our children. We warmly invite you to join us on this journey. Together, let's dream of a future where we connect as global citizens beyond borders. A future where we discover ourselves and are allowed to realize our full potential. A future where we learn to care for our health and happiness, even in challenging circumstances.

We graduated from school into life and now, decades later, we must acknowledge that school did not prepare us for life's truly important aspects. We earned our diplomas, yet in terms of life skills, we hadn't even completed elementary school.

Considerable attention is paid to the mathematical skills of future generations, yet far less to their abilities in social interaction, emotional intelligence, or relationship building. We dedicate countless hours to studying chemistry, but only a fraction of that to understanding emotions like shame or resolving interpersonal conflicts.

We have advanced knowledge of machines and technology, yet we remain naive in understanding our own emotions. We possess the technology of a sophisticated civilization, but our emotional and spiritual development has been stagnant since the days of our cave-dwelling ancestors. Ironically, the teachings of the Stoics are still bestsellers, while the scientific knowledge of their era has long been eclipsed.

This paradox of progress is why many of us, despite years of schooling, feel like illiterates after graduation. We chase after wealth without being able to define what wealth truly is, how much is necessary, and how to save wisely or think critically about expenses and taxes.

A chasm exists between life and school.

X-School is here to bridge the gap between learning and living, preparing our children for the world of the future by bringing together evidence based 21st century pedagogy and real life 21st century competencies, while using the advancements in AI to make the learning experience tailor fit for every individual student.ย 

Our project, 'X - School of the Future,' represents our steadfast commitment to providing the changemakers of tomorrow with a future-proof education.