AI Empowered Personalisation

Currently schools lack the resources to provide truly personalised education. With the advent of AI for the first time we can capture and organise a complex set of data, helping our pedagogues to align learning with the students educational values, interests, personal goals, learning requirements and skill level. At X-School a one-size-fits-all curriculum gives way to personalised learning journeys, tailored to the unique potential and need of each learner.

With the advent of AI for the first time we can provide truly personalised education for everyone.

  • Extract, organise and evaluate complex data that humans can not handle

  • Build holistic student profiles

  • Generate personal learning journeys

Personal Learning Journeys

Generating optimal learning journeys based on a holistic student profile.

1. Extract and organise overlooked data from student experiences and artifacts.

The AI can extracts insights and meaning from complex yet qualitative data that has been overlooked before. It can organise this data by tagging and categorising it.


2. Evaluate and align data to build multidimensional view of student.

AI enables us to connect and make sense of this complexity of diverse data that humans cannot handle. The result is a richer understanding of each student.


3. Generate personalised learning strategies and experiences tailored to each student's profile.

Highly personal learning journeys in alignment with the school culture,ย  pedagogy and goals ensure student engagement, motivation, academic challenge and personal growth.


Each learning journey, created according to the school values and learning principles, is personalised within 3 essential dimensions:


By presenting the lesson in a setting that is relevant to the student X-School fosters real engagement.ย 


By assisting in choosing the fitting learning environment and method, X-School facilitates an optimal learning process.


By setting the right stage of difficulty X-School makes sure each student learns in the zone of next development.