Secondary School (full/part-time), Summer School and Single Projects - we offer an individual learning experience to everyone.

Secondary School (full/part-time)

At X-School, we embrace the future of learning by offering an innovative and personalised online education that follows the UK curriculum. Accredited by a renowned institution, our school is designed for students aged 11-19, with programs divided into three levels:

Lower Secondary School

Accredited certificate

Key Stage 3

Years 7-9

recommended ages 11-14

In Key Stage 3, our young learners embark on an exciting journey of discovery and growth. Covering Years 7 to 9, this program lays the groundwork for critical thinking, creativity, and foundational knowledge across a broad range of subjects. Our interactive and engaging approach ensures students develop a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

Middle Secondary School


Key Stage 4

Years 10-11

recommended ages 14-16

As students progress to Key Stage 4, covering Years 10 and 11, they delve deeper into subject areas, preparing for the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). This stage is crucial in shaping their academic and career aspirations, with a focus on personalised learning journeys and rigorous academic standards.

Upper Secondary School


Key Stage 5

Years 12-13 (Sixth Form)

recommended ages 16-19

In Key Stage 5, for students in Years 12 and 13, we offer an enriching curriculum leading to the Advanced Level (A-Level) qualifications. This program is designed for those who seek an in-depth understanding and expertise in their chosen subjects, setting the stage for university education and professional careers.

Flexible Schooling Options: Full-Time and Part-Time

Understanding the diverse needs of our students, X-School offers both full-time and part-time schooling options. This flexibility allows students to balance their education with other interests or commitments, ensuring they can tailor their learning experience to fit their unique lifestyles. There are compulsory subjects that you have to complete as a prerequisite for the degree and, in addition, many exciting electives. For more information on the X-School Curriculum (innovatively designed UK Curriculum supplemented by real life activities, well-being rituals and components that focus on our future competencies) click HERE.

Summer School

X-School is excited to announce our Summer School Program, scheduled for the summer of 2024. This unique five-day program is designed to offer students an immersive, project-based learning experience centred around real-life topics. The location of our Summer School will be thoughtfully chosen based on the interests and geographical spread of participating families, ensuring an accessible and enriching experience for all.

Our approach combines peer-to-peer collaboration with personalised input powered by advanced AI technology. This blend ensures each student's learning experience is tailored to their individual needs and interests. The program features a variety of activities and workshops led by experts, including artists and musicians, providing students with an opportunity to learn from and interact with professionals in various fields.

A key focus of our Summer School is the integration of well-being rituals into the daily schedule, promoting a holistic approach to education and personal development. These practices are designed to foster a balanced and mindful learning environment supported by coaches and mentors, enhancing the overall experience for students.

Moreover, the program emphasises global connectivity, allowing students to make lifelong friends from around the world. This aspect of the program not only enriches the learning experience but also fosters a sense of global community and understanding among participants.

Join us for a transformative educational journey at our Summer School Program in 2024, where learning, well-being, emerging tech and global friendship come together in a dynamic and engaging environment.

Single Projects

X-School introduces single projects specifically designed for students who are not enrolled in our full-time or part-time programs. These offerings are ideal for students who are otherwise engaged in compulsory education but wish to experience our unique learning environment, students who need another approach to understand a topic or for those who have a passion for specific subjects or project themes.ย 

For instance, a student can choose a single project that is customised to their individual learning style, interests, and proficiency level, providing a personalised educational experience. Some projects will cover a single subject and others will cover different subjects.

These projects are designed to immerse students in a particular topic, fostering deep understanding and engagement. For example, our interdisciplinary project approach involves teams of teachers and external experts collaborating to intertwine core curriculum subjects such as History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology with broader real-life topics.

An example of this approach is a unit titled "What is Money and How Do We Manage It?" This project combines elements of History, Economics, and Philosophy to provide a comprehensive exploration of the concept of money. Students engage with the subject matter from multiple perspectives, learning not only the historical evolution of money but also its economic significance and philosophical implications.